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The History:

This delectable drink has been a staple here at The Gunbarrel Grill for over 30 years. 

It all came about when Brian Spence, who owned The Gunbarrel Saloon at Apex Ski Resort, was enjoying some late night drinks with his friends.

Together they decided it would be a great idea to take an antique double barrel shot gun off the wall and introduce it to the hot cocktail making process.

One can only wonder what beverages they had already consumed on that historical night, but the result was a delicious concoction and furthermore an awe inspiring FLAME show!

A few years later Brian Spence purchased the lively aprés ski bar, Snowshoe Sam's, at Big White Mountain, where the tradition was adopted and has thrived, year on year ever since.

Brian sold the business back in 2009 and the new owners have since renamed the Snowshoe Sam's restaurant to The Gunbarrel Grill in honour of the famous coffee.

The Process:

The coffee glass is first heated over a flame to caramelize the sugar rim.

An enormous slug of brandy is then added to the glass and ignited to create a beautiful blue flame.

The flame is extinguished by a second shot, this time a mouthwatering chocolate liqueur, Creme De Cacao.

The glass is traditional filled with coffee (but there is now a hot chocolate version for all the non coffee drinkers out there) and topped with vanilla whipped cream, which is lovingly made in house, fresh each day.

The coffee creator then aims their shot gun at the glass and sets a ladle of Grand Marnier alight. While keeping the heavy shotgun stable they then slowly drizzle the flaming Grand Marnier down the central groove of the double barrel and into the prepared drink, this time producing a more vibrant blue and orange flame. 

The whole process is pure entertainment and the final outcome is exquisite.


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